$150,000 Drone! CES 2017 Las Vegas

No, this is not a parody, it is early AM, in the morning. This is going to be a super good time, but super long, and it starts right here at our mansion. It’s gonna take me to Vegas, to CES, to have some fun. Flight is at AM, district back here around midnight. Now I’m ready to go to the airport. It’s 4:36, I’m a little bit more awake now. And we’re gonna learn some random parties today that you guys might know. So, it’ll be an interesting daylight. – Do you have any Dr. Pepper? Um, yeah, right up there next to the salsa. – Do you mind if I … – Yeah. – Thanks. – Yeah, you got it. So that’s right, Jared and I are traveling together today.

Heading to Las Vegas CES 2017. I’m a newbie. – I’ve never been before! – Oh wait, we’re both newbies! Just a small fact, I did not sleep for a one-minute last-place night. I stood up and worked the whole night. – I slept in your mansion. – Oh, that’s right. – Thanks for letting me sleep. – How was my six-year-old daughter’s bottom?- I fit perfect, I don’t understand! It was the perfect sizing for me.

We’re gonna show you exactly what it’s like to get into CES. This is my first time, and “we’ve got to” get a pass. What are you doing over here? – It is breakfast time right now. – So good! – I don’t know if Ellie is known to be he does this when he goes out on the road- – Shh, dude, Dan! – I think that’s why she travels with him all the time. If we can find it, this neighborhood is crazy hectic. – There it is! – Oh, there it is! Orange, the orange one! This is how you roll, now – Can’t seem to find the registration area, I don’t know where to exit registry. – I have no idea. We’ve been everywhere!

We were like expecting all these crazy amounts of people, “do you know where the registration is? ” They’re like, “yeah it’s a gray tent.” I think we located it. – I located it. – Look, he got it! – I got it! – You’re official! – They let me in! – Now we just go look at cool stuff for like, hours! Something’s hidden under there. I don’t know what it is, but it must be important. Batches of cameras and parties now. This looks just like an electrical vehicle, LeEco. There’s a charger, there’s the cool motto. I was thinking you could just attract it. We uncover it at 11. – kay, I can do it at 11? – Yes! – Yes! – I can do it at 11? – Yes! – Okay, it’s 11, we’re back! It’s time for Jared to pull the cover off of this vehicle, What, they already gathered it! – What? – They previously started it without you! – They were supposed to wait for me! – It’s a vehicle with a spaceship on the top.

I don’t know. The actual tablecloth over it seemed cooler than it actually was. Little disappointed, frankly. And there’s this, McLaren, what! It’s the same color as our Lyft earlier. Hope you experienced that time at CES. Lots of interesting things to see here. We likewise located my best friend that I was telling you about earlier, we’ve got our buddy, Zach. Check it out, he made it! How is impossible to not talk about category When families are all that we got He got stuck in a traffic jam. These are all your aged flip-flop phones, right? – Yeah surely, I time introduced them in one large-scale, beings lump, a wrecking lump of flip-flop phones.
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Now that we've got another destroying friend with us, you better watch out, CES, we're comin' for you. Is she a robot, that is the issue. How many hours has she been on this treadmill? We're about to find out. How many hours will you do by the time this whole occasion is over? - Let's see, nine to six, for three days. Nine to four for the last day. - Nine to six for three days, and nine to- Good luck. - Thank you very much! - Don't croak! Check this one out. These Drones start at $150,000. This is pretty sweet, look at this. Can you have that? I would imagine weapons go on those two. It's our friend Billy from Northern Ireland. I would imagine you could take a thawed-out goose for Thanksgiving and drop it on top of that and it would chop it up.

Or, at the least, it would make a dent in it and the hum would keep floating. We’ll test that someday. Just located Robot-Ville with real parties. He’s following me, it’s a real person. They’re all over the place. I’m gonna see if they’ll let me go up and drive the thing around and make love. So, we’re gonna try it, hi! Is it hard to use? – No, it’s easy! – I’m going first, see you later! I’m going upstairs, into the Bat Cave. I can’t film what’s going on from my slope, but I’m gonna give the camera off and then you can see what I look like downstairs. But basically I’m gonna be talking into a video camera and audio and those guys should let me downstairs. Oh, I learn’ em, okay! I’m gonna see if I can drive this thing. Hello, how are you? – Hey! – Where are you from? Korea. – Korea, nice, I’m new on this! Careful, you’re running into people! – I’m learning, sorry! – No trouble. Nice talking to you. Nice to see you too! This is what we come to CES for, to become robots.

Oh, I’m gonna talk to another robot. That’s a good meaning! – I’m gonna see how close our robots can get. I approximate this is a virtual kiss, now “there’s going”. – Oh, that’s it. – I’m flattered. -[ Jared] Hey, that’s moving a little too speedy, adult. – This is a standup paddle timber with an engine in it. Isn’t that smart, wouldn’t that be recreation? Pretty rugged gazing, pretty cool. So I really like this Established In China, because what isn’t realized in China? Like, this all realized in China. So it’s kinda laughing that their business is Made-In-China.com “It’s probably” like, everything possible. We time ran into Casey Neistat. That was so good, I haven’t heard him in a very long time. I didn’t believe it, he was super tired. He was on Cape Town time, but I went to shake his hand and he gave me a big hug, I cherish that person! So now we’re going to see Lamarr Wilson, I’ve never seen him in person.

But we’ve talked all the time on the phone and everything. He says he’s at the GoPro kiosk for 10 hours, so I’m gonna find him. There’s GoPro. I’m the man I’m the man I’m the man – Oh, how are ya? – Doing good, adult! Alright, goodbye, my friend. – See ya. We are officially leaving. We’re getting on the bus and going to the Cosmopolitan. Guys, what do we mull? – The first day of CES, amazing, right? – Yeah, first and exclusively daylight for us. What do you think, was it worth it? – It was good, entirely worth it.

I think so too, it was worth it, time to match parties. – Next epoch I move I’m wreaking a lighter backpack. There is a lot of moving. – It was a lot of moving. It was a little tough, I signify, I work out all the time so I’m okay with it, but Zach- – I’m not used to this. – He was likely to do some accompany, on the treadmill on trash. – Next time he’ll prepare more. Like a 3-month program, to CES program. I’ll email it to you. So we’re going to a dinner. And so, we figured before we eat dinner, we’re gonna stop and get something very important. We’re all from Utah, this is what we do in Utah. We get shakes before dinner! That is a giant ice cream cookie sandwich, that is actual cotton candy on top of that.

This is how you do Vegas.- There are Froot Loops inside of this one. Froot Loops within the shake! This is great, this is a good nighttime. We just finished playing basketball in Marques and D-Bran’s basketball suite. This would be a hotel apartment basketball courtroom. Take your best shot! Let’s see it. I am the one don’t weigh a ton. Don’t need a firearm to get respect up on this. The only shot he gets all day is on camera. – Nah, he’s been meeting that all day, what are you talking about? He starts it every time! There he goes again, swish! This is a wall of an assortment of a famous person that have signed it that have stayed now: Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Kimmel, “I did strange thoughts here.” Who else we got? George Clooney, right here, George Clooney was here.

That was pretty sweet, I didn’t want to use the big camera, so the footage is on my phone. Hopefully, I got some good trash, but it’s a lot of merriment. So now Zach and I, we just left Jared, it was a sad goodbye. I am the one yes I don’t necessary a firearm to get respect up It’s been a blast, it was good to discover a lot of those people that I hadn’t seen in a bit while. Just a lot of good Youtubers, like the Youtube community, is good. The parties, once you get to know everybody, they’re just nice to each other and it’s a good group.

We’re all in it kinda together. Alright, we’re playing video games on Southwest where I get on early, Zach comes on subsequently, and I try to save him a seat. It’s super crazy because everybody moves by you and they look at you and, I’m gonna sit in the middle and position my baggage now. It’s coming super full, not looking good. I mull I determined him time get on, though. Yes! Success! There “there’s going”. Might be back of the airliner, but it’s a sit.( ambient music) It’s so hectic at one in the morning in the airport. Wow. Look at all the people. All there is is one dude disguise over there, that’s it, and then us. I’m just gonna objective it right now because I’m tired and it’s gonna be really cold when I go outside. That was an awesome day, I hope you liked CES. If you liked it, then cause us know if you want us to go to more episodes like this because I had an enjoyable good time even though I was tired.

There some really funny times and some cool thoughts, and had recreation with friends. Did you enjoy it? – It was great ., I would freely go again next year. – That’s settled, Next time, CES is happening. So gave us know in specific comments which tech you like best available, what did you be fucking loving this video, what thoughts were fun, and that’s it! Goodbye, CES! I am the one don’t weigh a ton don’t need a firearm to get respect.

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