MOTA JETJAT Nano Drone Quadcopter Controller (Red)

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Pocket-Sized with a Power Punch

Weighing in at only 0.4 oz and small enough to sit on your fingertip, the JETJAT Nano Drone is not something to be overlooked. The multi-axis accelerometer helps drive the quadcopter and increases the thrill of flight for everyone. Easy to learn, and even more fun to control, this entry-level drone is your gateway to becoming a professional drone racer!

Soar Sky High

With the ability to reach up to 75 feet in the air, you can scope new, unimaginable heights with the JETJAT Nano. Ascend, flip, and rip through the wind as you watch your fast flying quadcopter effortlessly maneuver through all sorts of obstacles. Get your kids off of the computer and up in the air using today’s modern technology.

Endless Hours of Flight

All it takes is 2 AAA batteries and you’re ready for take-off! When the drone needs to rest, simply place it back in the controller and take it home to charge. It only takes 8 minutes to fully charge your Nano Drone. Before you know it you’ll be ready to go another round.

Difficult to lose

As long as you have your controller, you’ll never misplace your drone! Built right in the middle of the controller is an easy-to-store compartment for your new drone. Flashing LED lights on the drone will also help you find it under the bed or the couch in your living room.

Take It With You Everywhere

Portability and agility are what separates this drone from the rest! Fly across the office, or battle in your backyard; the JETJAT Nano Drone’s race track possibilities are endless. Once you experience the thrill of the Nano Drone Quadcopter you’ll never want to leave it at home!

Personalized Customer Care

Our dedicated personal care here can answer any questions you have geared towards your JETJAT Nano. Want to learn how to do a drone flip, or need replacement propellers before the big race? We will take care of all of your issues within hours, satisfaction guaranteed.

As featured in WIRED Magazine and FOX News, the world famous JETJAT Nano takes to the sky: give your kids the excitement of flying their very own quadcopter! Fits on your fingertip, fly it anywhere! Stored right inside the controller for easy carry!
Hard to lose – The world’s smallest and lightest drone fits right in the controller for easy carry, comes with lights to help you fly at night and warn of low battery for safe landing
Easy flying fun with the 4 Channel Controller and 6 axis gyroscope stabilization technology. Smart design is crash resistant and minimizes damage to furniture and floors
Powerful high capacity battery lets you fly longer, and charge faster. Charging cable included has a light to help indicate charge status, and you’re ready to fly before you know it!
MOTA Customer Care – All MOTA products come with our 5-star dedicated personal assistance. Please let us know if you have any issues with shipments or the products right away, we’ll take care of you! Follow-ups within hours, satisfaction guaranteed!


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